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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important factor for lighting any kitchen space, especially those with less natural light, is to create light layers. At least three layers of lighting is ideal, cabinetry lighting, overhead ambient lighting and then your decorative lighting. The decorative lighting can be in the form of a chandelier, pendant lights, or even table lamps on the worktop area. And the decorative lighting is where you can add a lot of fun, because it is all in those personal touches that will make your kitchen space truly unique to you. Sourcing vintage lighting or working with local artisans is one of our favourite ways to spice up a kitchen. Little pools of glow and light are essential, especially in the evening.

The mix of modern and traditional continues to stay strong. A lovely way to balance clients wanting those clean and paired back spaces but still holding on to the decorative details and accents crafted in history. Bold patterns on the splashback are trending at the moment, tilework and even wallpaper are making strong statements within the kitchen space. Brighter and cheerful hues are seeing more and more of a comeback, the paler shades of the colour wheel. Open shelving is becoming a staple within any kitchen. Just like the coffee table in the living room, it’s always nice to have a designated zone for decorative display.

There are really two options- you can bury it or you can embrace it. All of our cabinetry units are custom made to fit within your space so the designer can ensure you are still getting the island, breakfast bar, whatever features you desire. Making the pillar practical by adding shelving will help you forgive its presence. You can also add outlets and USB connections points.

Dark cabinetry can be wonderful in any kitchen space, big or small. Inky colour schemes can be really soothing and comforting. The key for a smaller space is to keep things simple, working with your designer to ensure you are maximising your organization and storage options to get the most out of your space. When focusing on the design decisions, you could opt for a handleless option like our Linear Edge to ensure the space stays unobstructed. You can add in mirror splashbacks to bounce light and enlarge the room. Add in small touches like a rug, patterned tile, stone splashback, or vintage lighting to give the room personality regardless of the size.

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