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Hand Painted Kitchens

We are renowned for our painted kitchens which are delivered to you from our workshop having been expertly primed with two coats of tough undercoat. Then, after installation on site, they are ready for hand-painting in any colour you choose. Our team of specialist furniture painters can take care of this for you, giving your kitchen the high quality, showroom-standard finish it deserves.

Installing a painted kitchen allows you complete freedom to control the exact look of your kitchen furniture. Whether you choose a calming, neutral tone or something brighter and more energetic, our cabinets are a blank canvas for you to customise however you wish. By experimenting with several colours, a pattern, or even a distressed finish you can create an array of looks from traditional to contemporary. The choice is yours.

You can choose absolutely any colour (or colours) for your Harvey Jones kitchen

What’s more, our hand painted kitchens allow you the opportunity of changing the colour of your furniture at a later point if you decide to refresh your kitchen colour scheme. You can also easily make subtle changes - such as replacing the handles - in order to create an entirely different look, allowing you to change the appearance of the furniture without the upheaval of having to change or replace the cabinetry. 

Using several different tones of colour is a kitchen trend that's popular with our clients

Each of our showrooms showcases a range of colour options to give you inspiration for your new kitchen design.

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What is a painted kitchen?

Kitchens can either be spray-painted or hand painted.  A spray-painted kitchen is typically sprayed in the factory and touched up on site so your choice of colour is made earlier before installation. When a kitchen is hand painted in-situ this will usually mean that the colour choice can be made towards the end of the project. At Harvey Jones we supply our kitchens with a good quality primer. Once the kitchen is fitted it will be painted by a skilled furniture painter, using a high quality paint to ensure a luxurious end result.

Are hand-painted kitchens durable?

There are so many benefits of hand-painted kitchens and one of the main ones is their durability, making them a practical choice for your home. Our kitchens are first primed in a tough undercoat before being painted with two coats of high-quality water-based paint in your desired colour. This provides a robust, long-lasting finish that is both hard wearing and easy to clean.

Is it better to spray-paint or hand-paint kitchen cabinets?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a kitchen that is hand painted in-situ is that it gives the ability to test your colour in the space. See how the colour works with the light at different times of day, and with the other elements of the room - whatever shade you then pick will be the perfect one for your space. Hand-painting a kitchen offers more advantages than a spray-painted one. Spray paint often looks plasticky, can’t be repaired if there’s any damage, and easily chips compared to hand-painting techniques. Using a brush means your kitchen will look natural after painting. It can also be repainted whenever it suits you in any colour you like. Of course, it takes longer to paint by hand, but the showroom-standard finish is undoubtedly worth the time and effort.

Colour Options

No two Harvey Jones kitchens are the same. Below are projects that we've designed for our clients that showcase how versatile our Shaker furniture is and how it can be tailored to suit any home and any taste. Each of our showrooms display unique examples of our Shaker kitchen, and you can find your nearest showroom here.

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