2021 Kitchen Trends

18th November 2020

The last few months have undoubtedly changed the way we see our homes. Our homes have become places of refuge and sanctuary, so it’s no wonder that we look forward to the latest trends to make them feel and look more personal.

Now effectively the heart home of the home, the kitchen in particular is where we prepare and enjoy meals, socialise, work and study from home.

Melissa Klink, Head of Design at Harvey Jones, explains the trends we’ll be seeing more of next year in kitchen design.


Overall, we see clients wanting their kitchen spaces to be personal. We have spent so much time in our homes during 2020, that we realise how essential it is to make sure each room is  special. This has driven a lot of upcoming trends to focus on adding rather than paring back. As long as the elements are personal and meaningful, we can keep the spaces tailored instead of cluttered. In turn, the other development from 2020 has been to clean out and remove anything that isn’t needed. This has been really critical for the organisation and functional side of the kitchen – it has to be efficient to our everyday needs, without adding anything unnecessary.


With all that has occurred throughout 2020, clients have become very aware of the connection to the space in which they live. From this need to bond with our homes, we are seeing a revived sense of layering. Clients are layering up on texture by adding various personal touches through surface treatments, soft goods and styling accents. Layering texture is a great way to showcase personal style and ensure the room has a richness to it – these additions will create spaces that feel welcoming and cosy. In the same way we now openly accept the mixture of metal finishes within a room, we also accept a mixture of texture.


Focusing on designing as green as possible and creating spaces that are  eco-friendly  has  opened up further appreciation for reclaimed wood. And beyond  the  economic  and  environmental benefits, using reclaimed wood adds an interesting story to the kitchen space. Any material that has an organic influence helps to ground the room and provide an instance sense of calm, and reclaimed wood is warm and full of rich detail. The look is beautifully unique and something you cannot recreate using new material.


We still have a big demand for kitchens to make a statement. Slab splashbacks are a great trend to give an instant wow factor. Because the application isn’t being used as the main worktop, this opens up a variety of other options like specialised marble and other porous stone. Slab splashbacks are a great way to dictate the colour palette of the room and reflect the light in a soft fashion.


We have seen a lot of development for metal finishes on handles and taps in the past few years, going from copper and brass to antique bronze and more recently matt black. To balance the stylised aesthetic of these beautiful taps, we are placing more attention on sink details. Going beyond just the obvious stainless or ceramic options, we are creating sinks from granite, marble, concrete, corian, and adding edge detailing to make them more appealing. Within the kitchen, we spend a lot of time at the sink, so we certainly want it to be a spot of interest.


Going along with the need to make our kitchen spaces personal, clients are demanding very specific colour selections. Being able to hand paint the cabinetry in any colour offers a wonderful base point. Whether the colour scheme is being pulled from a specific object of interest or just tints, tones and shades that have a personal appeal to the owner, we are seeing a big demand to ensure the colour choices in the kitchen are very well considered.