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Harvey Jones Expert Q&A

This month we invited our designer, John, from our Tunbridge Wells showroom to share his knowledge on all things design.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

I graduated with a BA in interior design, at the beginning of my career I worked mainly in architects and interior design practices, dealing with corporate office design. I specialised in executive furniture design, before moving from London to Guildford to work for Harvey Jones.

2. What is your design mantra?

There’s a lot to be said about form following function; keep it simple and well thought through. My hero’s Ray and Charles Eames once said, “details are not details, they are the design.”

3. What is your kitchen like at home?

My kitchen also acts as the living room, it’s very eclectic as I like so many different styles, colours, and objects. It has a mixture of new and old. The Shaker kitchen is simply painted and is the perfect backdrop to my unique style. It's timeless.

4. What inspires your work? Where do you go for inspiration?

I love the challenge of the plan and I am constantly looking at articles of renovation house plans.

5. What are your first considerations when designing a new kitchen?

My first consideration for any kitchen is the clients brief and what they are looking for from the space. As a designer, I feel it’s my job to think outside the box, by introducing ideas they may not have thought about before.

6. What projects have you found the most rewarding and why?

Sometimes the smallest of spaces can be the most rewarding; it’s a challenge and requires you to think innovatively.

It’s quite easy to go overboard with adding unnecessary detail, once you’ve got a design you love, stick to it. Avoid adding in elements that are an after-thought.

8. How has kitchen design changed over the last five years?

Most people seem to now aspire to have an island. Often working from architects plans for extensions, the biggest notable trend is people opting to have one big open-plan space for family living, socialising and entertaining.

9. What kitchen trends do you predict in 2018?

Playing it safe with colour and keeping things neutral, is slowly a thing of the “magnolia” past. We are slowly gaining confidence in the use of strong bold colours. I feel the retro mid-century look will continue, as this will appear fresh to a generation who didn’t experience the 60’s and 70’s.

10. Do you have any tips for homeowners embarking on a new kitchen project?

If you are planning an extension and appoint an architect to do the plan, it’s always worth considering the overall kitchen design in the early stages. By knowing what kitchen you want and committing to that company, you have time to develop the design along the way, rather than rushing a decision at the end when the architect's plan cannot be changed. If you don’t you may end up spending a lot of money with a compromised plan.

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