House & Garden July 2021

18th August 2021

With flexibility and work-life balance becoming key for most of us, we are now more aware than ever of the need for multifunctional spaces for working, schooling and relaxing.

Doubling up as an office, classroom and even a bar, this light-filled Arbor kitchen by Harvey Jones combines style and function, with distinctive finishing touches and materials that will stand the test of time.

Previously four cramped rooms, the space has been opened up to create a large open-plan layout with easy access to the garden. Featuring a large central island creating an elegant focal point in the scheme, the kitchen is punctuated with stylish details, such as the mid-century chairs, bright green stools and unexpected orange dresser interior. Bold colours are used sparingly to balance the inky blue-black shade of the cabinetry, the Calacatta Bluette marble worktops and the concrete fireplace. The result is a harmonious look with few considered pops of colour showcasing the homeowners’ personalities.

“Applying bolder colours in unexpected places, such as the dresser interior and stools, changes the initial impression of the room and instantly adds depth to the aesthetic. Strong colours are highly emotional but designing with them in a controlled manner ensures that they liven up the overall feel of the room instead of overpowering it. And there is the added benefit of being able to change the colour easily if you want a little refresh.” – Melissa Klink, Harvey Jones Creative Director.

With plenty of storage, including dressers mounted on both ends of the worktop, a pantry concealed behind panelled double doors and large drawers and cupboards built into the island, the kitchen features mostly low cabinets in order not to overpower the space and aid a feeling of openness.