Five colour schemes to consider for your contemporary kitchen design

15th November 2021

Although the makings of a first-class contemporary kitchen certainly come down to aspects like the surfaces and the space, the colour is what really holds the different design elements and structure together. And with so many to choose from, there’s truly a colour scheme for every homeowner, regardless of personal taste and preference. So, whether you want something low-key or a space that is vibrant and distinct, we’ve narrowed down five schemes that will rejuvenate your modern kitchen.

Green and white 

A green and white kitchen is refreshing, with a powerful yet light energy. The contrast between the piquancy of a bright green with the cleanliness of white makes your kitchen feel bright and airy , whilst still offering a natural warmth. Modern kitchens are all about bringing the outside in; pair green with natural timbers and organic textures to truly embrace this aesthetic. White worktops are best suited for this scheme, complimented by a paler tint, like in this Shaker design for a truly calming environment. 

Alternatively, for a grander look, forest green paired with white will balance the deep and calming warmth of this particular shade. For this, though, you must choose your whites carefully, avoiding creamier shades so as not to oversaturate the kitchen. White countertops, with a grey undertone, may be the perfect addition to complement the darker hues, creating a robust, modern scheme with a touch of classicism.

Pastel tones

Pastels are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary kitchens. Having a softer, more gentle colour scheme immediately gives your kitchen a relaxed and welcoming feel. The energy is kinder and lighter across all shades of pastels, ranging from the sophisticated and natural pairings of creamy blue and eggshell white, to the perky warmth of soft yellows or muted coral. 

While pastels have been a staple of American kitchens since the 1950s, their renaissance is indebted to Scandinavian designs which artfully combine subtlety and invigorating charm. In short, if you want an enticing sweetness to your kitchen without being saccharine, pastels may be the place to start.

Marble and wood

A contemporary classic, this balancing act between the elements of rock and earth creates a kitchen space that is simultaneously sophisticated, warm and casual. For the marble, we recommend a darker hue with a clean, matte finish that will complement painted wood cabinetry in a paler colour.

A cool toned countertop can also be effective to reinforce a slick white paint job. Along with a porcelain tile backsplash, the rich pairing of smooth marble and natural wood texture creates a rustic and relaxing aesthetic. Or alternatively, a more modest style of wood and clean white or grey marble tops will give the room a wonderfully understated look. 

If you’re a fan of darker wood, a creamier marble will accentuate oak and mahogany exquisitely. Although you’ll find it hard to cut corners price-wise, the arresting sight of the place where you will cook, dine and dwell will be hard to top. 

Neutrals and stainless steel 

For those who believe a home kitchen can and should emulate a professional one, a striking stainless steel decor will be the core ingredient. The chief advantage of using steel within your kitchen is its resistance to bacteria and wear, and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, it can be an edgy, modern choice that is sure to make a lasting impression. 

When creating a contemporary, industrial kitchen space, use neutral tones to soften hard materials such as steel, concrete or brass; the mix of relaxed and unimposing hues will help make your kitchen a modern industrial classic, that isn’t overbearing. Steel’s distinct aesthetic appeal can work with many disparate styles, but we believe the softer tones of beige, cream or grey give a warmer counterpoint to its industrial sheen and allow it to, quite literally, shine.

Undoubtedly sophisticated, steel’s cool character has a distinct appeal, incorporating more neutral colours and natural textures can underline the polished design while retaining a sense of domesticity for everyone to feel comfortable in.

Black and white

Black has an unparalleled elegance, but for some it can be far too bold for a kitchen. That said, the way the colour immediately implies cleanliness and glossy self-assurance is a substantial perk that is definitely workable.

Black and white kitchens have a curious way of being a highly modern colour scheme that also bears hints of iconic Victorian grandeur. This complements a Shaker kitchen perfectly due to its balanced proportions and timeless style, however, for a modern twist why not opt for our Arbor design that offers a clean silhouette whilst retaining characterful detailing. You could even go all the way with checkered tiles and solidify these classic French overtones. 


At Harvey Jones, we understand that your kitchen’s colour scheme is a delicate art. With our seasoned expertise and sensitivity, we can help guide you through the crafting of a bespoke design that fits your personal vision.